Who is Keith?

Hello! My name is Keith Lapinig, and I love puppies… but that’s not why you’re here, hm?

Whether you need a designer, on-camera personality, film editor, or just a friend, I’m here for you! On top of being a motion graphics designer and video editor, I enjoy creating family-friendly videos for YouTube and have worked with many Fortune 500 companies as an influencer. I’ve previously designed a balloon exclusively for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, co-hosted commercials for the Disneyland Resort, and was sent to Japan as an influencer.

So whether you’re looking for an on-camera host or a designer to communicate your ideas, allow me to be your genuine connection to the audience. Let’s tell those stories together!

Motion Graphics / Editing / Design
I love post production! While I involve myself in many art forms and both sides of the camera, there's a certain joy to bringing designs to life on the computer.
Paper Silhouettes
One of my more popular arts lately have been my paper cutout silhouettes, where I cut out Disney characters and photograph them in the Disney Parks and Resorts.
On-Camera Personality
In addition to my art: as a side-hobby, I enjoy being utilized as an on-camera personality for brands and other projects.
Brands I've Worked With